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Here’s Why You Should Choose Oracle APEX For Your Business in 2024

Vancy Arokia - December 9, 2022

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Oracle Application Express or Oracle APEX is a low-code mobile app development framework which is used to design and build applications for small/medium sized businesses and enterprises alike. These applications are usually developed and deployed on-premises or in the cloud. As it is a low-code framework, APEX is easy to develop applications with a dynamic user interface and solve challenging business problems. Another advantage of APEX is that you don’t need to have an expert team of resources to develop user-centric applications.  

Oracle Database with APEX

At Conneqtion Group, we have developed robust and scalable applications and related reports using the Oracle APEX platform. Using this reliable framework, we have worked on multiple projects related to data loading/unloading, database creation, custom app development and deployment and REST API creation.  

In this blog, we have tried to outline a detailed overview of the impressive APEX framework along with benefits and why businesses must choose a low-code development platform. 

Here’s Why Businesses Opt For Oracle APEX 

It is possible for a business to manage challenging issues and offer instant solutions to the growing demands of the customers. There is a large range of options offered by Oracle APEX to develop applications for a number of industry verticals.  

For example, businesses can use this framework for basic applications or converting complex excel sheets in a user-dynamic application which can be used by thousands of users on a daily basis. The primary objective of Oracle APEX is to allow professionals to build apps with innovative features, excellent performance and exciting user experience.  

In order to do so, the design complexity is reduced and a simple yet dynamic app development framework is established. Now, let us try to see some examples of why businesses must go with the APEX platform.  

1. Ease of Development  

Oracle APEX, being a low-code platform, is quite convenient for the development team to manoeuvre and manage the process in-house. In order to start the development process, there is no need to invest in expensive or complex softwares. The application builder from Oracle offers an intuitive platform for customer-focussed browser based applications. Due to limited coding, developers do not need to compromise on the quality of the application and it is possible to create feature-rich apps.  

This is a data-driven platform and regular insights help in the development process. It is estimated that by using the APEX platform, developers can reduce around ninety percent of their workload and focus on other critical projects. Apart from this, the platform helps reduce database and app related complexity. Developers do not need to consider remote APIs because of the low-code platform.

2. Enhance Productivity 

It is noteworthy that the Oracle team has taken enough care and consideration to build a framework with excellent features to reduce the workload of developers. The platform has been easy to use and a dynamic way to build applications. Moreover, specific APEX features ensure that you can include high-end features to the applications with minimal efforts. A win-win situation for everyone.  

Additionally, the APEX components help in improving the day to day productivity by reducing the workload by a significant margin than the usual development methods. By leveraging APEX, customers have testified that they have been able to enhance their business productivity in a cost-efficient manner.

3. Reducing Business Complexity

Oracle APEX helps in mitigating risks related to human errors as the platform is based on ready to use codes and hence complexity is reduced to a greater extent. By reducing business complexity, it is possible for businesses to reduce their costing and the time involved in the development process. Some of the highlights are as follows: 

  • Proper mapping is ensured between different app features. 
  • No need for Remote API calling. 
  • Ease of maintenance – database and application objects. 
  • Use of middle-tier app logic for dynamic development. 
  • Secure medium for application development with necessary backup.  

4. Cost-Effective

In the traditional development process, developing and deploying an app seems to be an overwhelming task which can impact the costing of the process. However, the APEX platform helps in reducing costs as it is lightweight and deployment is simplified. This is because you need fewer man hours to run these applications when compared to conventional applications. The application is serverless which means the process becomes seamless as the application is stored, which can allow connections to be used multiple times.  

As a result, by investing in Oracle APEX, you can ensure that you need fewer developers and hardware/softwares which is usually not the case with conventional applications.  

5. Oracle Integration

As the platform is developed by Oracle, it is easy to integrate with any Oracle database which makes APEX a strong candidate for app development success. The framework is powered by the same features that makes Oracle database a force to reckon with. Some of these features include failure support and redundancy and it is possible to work with SQL in building apps that work with multiple data types.  

6. Secure Platform

Oracle APEX is widely used by businesses across multiple industry verticals to develop user-focused, robust and scalable applications which can be safely used by thousands of users. In the last few years, applications powered by Oracle APEX have been successfully deployed and used by hundreds of B2B businesses around the world. The framework is carefully developed to help you develop secure applications with minimal development efforts and time. Oracle lays significant focus on security and hence the applications are safe from any kind of security threats.  

Who can benefit from the Oracle APEX platform?

The Oracle APEX platform has various benefits and with basic SQL understanding, it is possible to develop high-quality applications. Before APEX, businesses had to rely on a team of full-stack developers for the development process.  

  • Oracle Database customers can use the platform for robust application development. 
  • Oracle Forms customers with decent knowledge of PL/SQL can build browser based applications for the modern customers. It is easy to adapt and experiment with the APEX platform. 
  • APEX is used for business applications running from basic apps to apps with multiple features. A reliable Oracle Partner like Conneqtion Group can also offer consulting services for easy transition.  
  • Full-stack developers have evolved with time and the advent of technology. Hence, the time required for building a web application is constantly reducing which helps in lowering the costs too. The APEX platform offers automatic management of basic tasks so the developers do not need to focus on maintaining the development infrastructure.  
  • The architecture is extremely simple yet dependable, so it can be easy to work with the APEX framework. Most Oracle DBAs find it convenient to work on the APEX platform to develop applications using their SQL knowledge. 
  • CIOs and CTOs can use Oracle APEX to connect fragmented data that is stored across multiple layers in the business. It is possible to audit, store, and manage these data assets without the requirement to hire any additional services.   

Final Thoughts

After going through the above points, it is safe to say that Oracle APEX apps can be easily designed, developed and deployed on-premise or in the cloud (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure). The only requirement is that of an Oracle Database. APEX makes it easier to shift the applications from on-premise to the Cloud and vice-versa. Moreover, it is user-friendly and a secure platform for app development. What else can you ask for? If you are planning for Oracle Custom Development or moving your applications from on-premise to the Cloud, then get in touch with Conneqtion Group today. We have a qualified team of Oracle certified resources that can work on your custom development requirements. Share your requirement with us today on [email protected].

Vancy Arokia

An accomplished SEO specialist who has a passion for optimising digital landscapes. With over 4+ years of experience. She has worked on successful B2B and B2C projects. She holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science. She believes that SEO is the key to unlocking the business potential.

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Vancy Arokia
An accomplished SEO specialist who has a passion for optimising digital landscapes. With over 4+ years of experience. She has worked on successful B2B and B2C projects. She holds a bachelor's degree in computer science. She believes that SEO is the key to unlocking the business potential.

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  1. Pat

    As a small business owner constantly seeking ways to optimize my operations, I came across the article “Why You Should Choose Oracle APEX for Your Business” with great interest. I must say, it has been a true game-changer for my company!

    One of the standout features of Oracle APEX is its versatility. It offers an all-in-one solution that covers everything from data management and reporting to application development. This comprehensive approach has saved me valuable time and resources by eliminating the need for multiple software applications and integrations. With Oracle APEX, I now have a centralized platform to efficiently handle all my business needs.

    • Karan Tulsani

      Hello Pat,

      Thanks for your feedback. We are glad that you like our article. We feel the same about Oracle APEX’s capabilities for small businesses.

      Thank you

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