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Oracle Cloud Services

Craft The Right Strategies

Adapt The Right Solution

We help you find the right answers to which platform to select, how to operate your services or automate your processes.

Deploy The Right Technology

Unlock The Right Value

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We help our clients with our Custom Oracle Consulting Services

Architecture Review & Audit

Knowing what to look for is critical. Knowing how to translate what to do is essential.

Our Oracle platform services expertise helps our clients to conform their IT ecosystem to industry standards while aligning with their business objectives.

PaaS Deployment Services

Embracing cloud solutions is not just about reducing your infrastructure footprint. It’s about transforming organizational service delivery and driving efficiency at an unprecedented scale.

Our PaaS Deployment Services help our clients efficiently manage their PaaS environments and significantly enhance their response to business dynamics.

Enterprise Integration Services

Business growth and agility require seamless interoperability and interconnectivity in the existing environment of legacy subsystems and the new-age mobile and SaaS platforms.

With our Enterprise Integration Services, we help our clients to improve operational efficiency, optimize their integration processes, consolidate their systems, and modernize their existing integration approaches across their extensive network of partners, applications, suppliers, customers, and marketplaces.

Advisory Services

Today’s challenge is tomorrow’s opportunity. Right and relevant advice can help unlock the potential and drive the value of digital innovation.

Our experienced advisors work with our clients to determine their business challenges, processes, and objectives to develop scalable, reliable, and forward-looking approaches and a roadmap to business transformation. We offer one of the best Oracle Integration Cloud service in the industry.

Adapter Development

Seamless interaction among systems across customers, partners, suppliers, and employees is paramount for the success of today’s business.

We help develop adapters for our clients that support both read-only and transactional access modes to disparate data sources across a wide spectrum of back-end systems.

Managed Services

The days of developing isolated applications are gone, and so is the era of manual intervention in providing access to data which has been inherently error prone and time consuming.

Conneqtion Consulting’s Oracle Consulting services help our clients create the right kinds of connectors with the relevant business workflow and logic to map and validate data between disparate data sources and interconnect diverse applications.

Training & Certifications

Disruption is inevitable. No matter the industry, region, sector, product or service. Organizations have no choice but to embrace digital to succeed in elevating their velocity to respond to dynamic business changes.

Our experienced advisors on Oracle Integration Cloud service work with our clients to determine their business challenges, processes, and objectives to develop scalable, reliable, and forward-looking approaches and roadmap to business transformation.

Transform your technology and revolutionize your business with our Enterprise Application Integration Services

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