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Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS)

Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service, also known as VBCS provides an excellent platform to build your applications using a modern development infrastructure. With the help of Oracle Visual Builder it is possible to work with multiple web apps or develop an app that can collaborate with multiple sources within Oracle Cloud.

Using the Visual Builder Cloud Service, developers can easily publish an application by simple drag-and-drop elements which reduces significant development time which can be dedicated towards other important tasks.

What type of applications can be built with Oracle VBCS?

By using Oracle VBCS, it is possible to develop web applications, mobile applications and progressive web applications. Some of the commonly used scenarios of Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service are:

  • Application logo updates
  • Styling of Visual Builder apps
  • Login/Logout functions in an app
  • Build a custom lock page
  • SOAP web service with Visual Builder
  • Run the app on multiple servers
  • Integrating a web app in Oracle Cloud app
  • Inclusion of Oracle Digital Assistant to any web application

Benefits of Conneqtion’s Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service

Conneqtion Group can assist you with connecting and integrating important on-premise SaaS apps with other applications. Contact us today to get the below advantages of our Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service:

  • Visually appealing application development leveraging VBCS Cloud.
  • Ease of web, mobile and PWA by Oracle certified consultants.
  • Providing affordable process automation.
  • Team of experts in JavaScript, HTML5, and REST.
  • Integrations with enhanced security in Oracle Cloud applications.


VBCS supports multiple programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Oracle JET, REST APIs, and SQL.

VBCS offers features like authentication, authorization, secure communication, data security, an audit trail, compliance, and integration with security services such as Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) to provide additional security features like multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and user provisioning.

Yes, VBCS mobile applications provide responsive design capabilities, which allow developers to create applications that can be accessed and used across multiple devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

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