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OCI architecture Audit

On the back of years of industry experience and a myriad of successful projects, we know what it takes to design and develop robust, seamless and secure Oracle architecture. We have worked with clients and partners in some of the most security conscious industries like Banking, Manufacturing and Energy. Due to this extensive experience we are an ideal option to offer a complete assessment of your Oracle Cloud Architecture from a design and security point of view.

What we offer under the umbrella of OCI Architecture Audit:

  • Detailed Oracle Cloud architecture design analysis and review by certified professionals.
  • Comprehensive analysis w.r.t design frameworks and Conneqtion Group’s criteria.
  • Run an operational excellence assessment and offer efficient and seamless monitoring and running of systems.
  • Security assessments conducted to offer data and system protection.
  • Robust review of your Oracle architecture’s ability to recover from different disruptions.
  • Determine possibilities for enhanced Cloud Performance Efficiency for evolving demand.
  • Identify and inform Cloud cost optimization and cost management avenues.
  • Detailed review of delivery approach along with recommendations and optimization of OCI architecture.
  • Comprehensive analysis of delivery teams by our Oracle EPM Cloud architecture solutions.
  • Offer ongoing recommendations for tooling, alternate technologies, and methods to leverage solutions.

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An Oracle architecture audit can help identify and address a range of issues such as security vulnerabilities, poor performance, data integrity issues, insufficient use of resources, compliance issues and poor disaster recovery.

It depends on the company size, for larger and more complex database environments, it may be necessary to conduct audits more frequently, such as on a quarterly or bi-annual basis. Smaller or less complex environments may only require an annual audit.

An Oracle architecture audit will be conducted by our certified Oracle consultants, who have gained expertise in database architecture, configuration, security, and performance. Our Oracle consultants have a deep understanding of Oracle database technologies and best practices.

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