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PaaS Deployment Services

By adopting Oracle Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), enterprises redefine their digital experience in successfully meeting dynamic business needs and ensuring predictability in costs and savings. Businesses look at rapidly building and deploying robust ‘cloud-first’ applications and extending the existing on-premise or SaaS environments with the help of Oracle platform services. While the business and technological benefits of PaaS deployment for an organization are quite evident, the adoption of PaaS requires a better understanding of the craft and an innovative way of thinking.

Conneqtion Group is regarded as one of the top Platform as a Service providers in the country offering Oracle consulting services, Oracle managed services, Oracle Integration Cloud service, Enterprise application integration services and more. Our PaaS implementation experts help you find the right answers on which platform to select, how to operate your services or automate your processes, and how to ensure a smooth transition while realizing the benefits.

Conneqtion Group offers a full spectrum of Oracle Integration Cloud services from configuration to operations and management, reporting, and analytics. Conneqtion’s Oracle consulting services help our clients efficiently manage their PaaS environments and significantly enhance their response to business dynamics.

Some benefits of Platform as a Service (PaaS) Deployment include:
  • Cloud-native expertise in platform and application development.
  • Assess the current environment to determine the right platform and offer appropriate roadmap strategy and execution.
  • Implement agile and DevOps methodologies to create platforms for cloud and mobile application development, integration, process automation and collaboration.


Some of the common Paas deployment models include public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud.

The process for deploying an existing application to Oracle PaaS involves migrating the application to the cloud, configuring the necessary PaaS services, and deploying the application. You may also need to modify the application to take advantage of the cloud platform such as scalability and automatic backup.

Oracle PaaS provides a comprehensive set of security features to ensure the security of your deployed applications. Such as authentication and access control, encryption, and vulnerability management, compliance, disaster recovery and business continuity.

Transform your technology and revolutionize your business.

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