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Oracle Digital Assistant

Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) is an AI-powered natural conversational platform that enables businesses to develop and deploy chatbots or digital assistants to automate customer interactions and improve their service. By integrating APIs, Conneqtion has the capability to integrate other systems like VBCS with AI services.

ODA offers two types of services:

  • Chatbots : Chatbots or digital assistants are AI-powered interfaces that allow end users to perform a number of tasks on a day-to-day basis. These chatbots are integrated using a number of skills.
  • Skills : Skills are individual bots that focus on repetitive tasks, like order tracking, timesheet submission, generating reports and more.

Why Choose Digital Assistants or Chatbots?

Three key reasons why you must choose Oracle Digital Assistant:

Enhanced NLU

Enhanced NLU

Natural Language Understanding analyzes a user’s conversation pattern and tone to identify the intent and context of the conversation.

Single Assistant for many apps

Single Assistant for many apps

Use a single digital assistant which can be integrated across multiple applications and develop a conversation bank in a single interface.

Pre-built Skills

Pre-built Skills

Upgrade your Oracle applications to the next level using pre-built skills and templates for tasks that are repetitive in nature.

How Oracle Digital Assistant Works?

Oracle Digital Assistant helps you with four business processes:

  • Customer service : The customer service chatbot helps in answering frequently asked questions, resolving common problems, and routing customers to the right support representative. It can also be used to collect customer feedback and insights.
  • Sales and marketing : It is used to generate leads, qualifying prospects, and scheduling appointments. Additionally, it can be used to automate marketing tasks, such as sending personalized emails and delivering targeted offers.
  • Employee service : Employee digital assistants can be used to automate HR tasks such as onboarding new employees, processing payroll, and managing benefits. Oracle Digital Assistant can also be used to provide employees with self-service access to information and resources.
  • Internal Operations : Oracle Digital Assistant can be used to automate business processes such as procurement, order fulfillment, and invoice processing.


It’s being used by the financial, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing industries today.

To develop chatbots using ODA, you need to know some terminologies used in Oracle digital assistants. We will redirect you to our blog section to learn more about how to develop chatbots using ODA.

Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) and ChatGPT are both large language models (LLMs) that can be used to develop chatbots and other conversational AI applications, but they serve different purposes. If you need to develop a chatbot that requires advanced NLP capabilities, integration with enterprise applications, or the ability to be deployed on-premises or in a hybrid environment, then ODA is the better choice.

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