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OCI Document Understanding

Ambiguous data – in the form of text, images, PDFs etc – is almost 90 percent of an enterprise’s data which poses a major challenge to untap the organizational goals. Extracting value from unstructured data is overwhelming as it includes lengthy data analytics and precision. But Oracle’s document understanding is a major boon to overcome this challenge.
Oracle’s document understanding solutions is a comprehensive AI service to extract textual features from documents including but not limited to printed and handwritten documents, tilted and shared documents, rotated documents, tables, images and more using APIs and Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools. By integrating APIs, Conneqtion has the capability to integrate other systems like VBCS with AI services.

Why does your business need OCI document understanding?

Comprehensive Features

Comprehensive Features

OCI Document Understanding is an AI service developed using NLP and Oracle computer vision for accounting, HR management, Purchase Orders etc.

Advanced Customization

Advanced Customization

OCI console simplifies customization, allowing users to effortlessly upload, label, and train custom models through an intuitive UI.



OCI Document Understanding provides a cost-efficient AI service, utilizing a pay-as-you-go model for optimal affordability and flexibility.

OCI Document Understanding Workflow

Advantages of OCI Document Understanding

OCI Document Understanding can help enhance productivity and offer better customer experience across various industry verticals like

  • Logistics & Supply Chain :
  •     o Helps in predicting future demands which helps optimizing inventory levels
  •     o Automate supplier communication tasks like invoice sharing and payment reminders
  • Healthcare :
  •     o Automate redundant HC tasks
  •     o Identify diseases at a very early stage via scanning X-Rays or Reports
  •     o Identify similarities among court opinions
  • Legal :
  •     o Minimize errors in research in research process
  •     o Identify similarities among court opinions
  • Government Organizations :
  •     o Classification of legal documents and extracting important information like FirstName, LastName, PassportNo, DriverID for faster processing.
  •     o To detect any anomaly and make informed decisions
  • Human Resources :
  •     o Recruitment and screening candidates
  •     o Employee self-service chatbot
  • Banking & Finance :
  •     o Automatically sorting documents based on priority and assigning them to concerned departments like loans, mortgage, insurance etc.
  •     o Conversational assistants which is available 24/7 to help resolve customer queries

OCI Document Understanding Use Cases

  • 2 Way/3 Way Invoice Matching : Conneqtion has implemented a 2 way/3 way match process which uses the Document Understanding service to compare the PO, Invoice and Goods Receipt to ensure they match and then approve the invoice. Here, data like Company name, Invoice Number, PO number, Item and Qty, Total amount are extracted from the invoice for ease of processing.
  • Understanding Customer Intent : We have developed a solution using OCI Document Understanding to help the customer service team to understand the intent from customer chats, summarize the text, find answers to technical queries and close support tickets by minimizing resource allocation and saving time.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Document Understanding is a solution to extract key information from unstructured data using NLP and APIs.

It is possible to extract text, tables, key values from printed or handwritten documents, images, mobile uploaded content and videos.

OCI Document Understanding is an AI service that is built for teams to reduce manual efforts, time and cost. So, it is not an expensive service if you are processing large amounts of unstructured data and documents on a regular basis.

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