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GRN Approval using Oracle OCI for Fortune 500 company


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Our Client

Our client is a publicly listed Indian multinational IT services and consulting giant based in India and has more than 60 delivery centers across 19 countries like India, China, Australia, North America, Australia, UK, Japan and more.

The organization offers IT and applications outsourcing services along with application development and integration, architecture advisory, and application management services.

Their expertise has helped multiple clients across several industries like financial services, logistics, telecom, manufacturing, technology, and more. Our client is one of the Fortune India 500 companies, awarded in 2019.

Major Challenges

Our client team was looking for a robust solution using Oracle Cloud to have approvals in place for Goods Received Note (GRN) which was not available as a standard functionality in Oracle Fusion. Moreover, the approval hierarchy was based on project delivery. Using Oracle Cloud SCM and Oracle Financials, we had to come up with a solution to address the challenges.

These challenges revolved around the below pain points:

To develop a multi-level approval workflow.
Our client wanted to move from on-premises Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud.
Data migration to Oracle Fusion.
In case of bulk upload of SRs/GRN (ex: 100 or 200), users had to manually create the request.
It was a time-consuming process for the team, as this time could be used to perform other important tasks.
Moreover, all SRs mandatorily require a Delivery (Project Team’s) approval.
The approval hierarchy followed an escalation matrix.
For government compliance, all fusion data should be synced daily in their local India server.

Conneqtion Solution

The solution proposed by Conneqtion includes:

  • Creation of receipt in Oracle Fusion by business users.
  • Once receipts are created, they will be in interface tables of Oracle fusion which would be holding area until approved.
  • A custom approval engine was built using OIC and PCS, which would scan these receipts from the holding area and would create custom approval notifications using PCS.
  • PCS approval engine would send out approval notifications to Delivery team (Project Team Members) of specific project for which receipt was created.
  • FYI notification was also sent to the creator of the receipt.
  • Once action was taken on notification, an OIC integration would trigger “Manage Receiving Transaction” ESS job with unique receipt header id which completes creation of receipt.
  • Now the receipts would be available for 3 way matching.

Product Advantages

Post SR creation, it will be sent to the respective Delivery Manager for approval. If not approved within 10 days, a notification will be sent to the Delivery Head of the project.
The interface runs every 20 minutes, so the approval process has been significantly improved.
Notifications are triggered to the approver in a timely manner which contains details related to the SR.
Avoid any compliance issues as all GRNs are approved following a defined escalation matrix.
During SR creation, manual errors if any can be easily identified.

Business Implications

The solution has helped our client in rapid invoice creation for multiple SRs.
It has significantly reduced manual errors and hence reduced SR reversal process by more than 80%.
More than 200+ users are currently using the solution offered by Conneqtion.
By implementing our custom workflow engine, the client has been able to avoid any compliance issues.


Goods Received Note Approval/ Process Cloud Service Solution


IT Consulting


Oracle SCM

Oracle Financials

PaaS Services Utilized:

Oracle Integration Cloud and Oracle Process Cloud.

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