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Why Should You Migrate Your On-Premise Workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)?

Roshan - September 30, 2022 - 0 comments - 109 Views

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Every major business has faced the issue of evolution with time and changing technology at a reasonable cost to stay ahead of the competition. Due to this reason, it is overwhelming to achieve workflows on-premise. In this scenario, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services come into the picture. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) which is an offering of OCI is an ideal option to tackle the migration from on-premise to OCI. 

If you are a new business, you might be worried about the advantages of Oracle Cloud (OCI)? Here, we would like to highlight that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure manages to take the best of both the worlds (on-premise and Cloud). Taking that into account, high performance at low-cost is a key differentiator between OCI and on-premise. 

In this blog, we will list down the key advantages of OCI so you can have the facts before making a decision to proceed with Oracle Cloud functions

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Platform

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a host of cloud services used to develop and run a large number of applications. OCI is leveraged by businesses to host their complete application portfolio in the cloud. Users have expanded their business and have been offering a better user experience to their customers by being able to speed up their operations at a reasonable cost. 

It is noteworthy that at the time of initial launch in 2016, Oracle Cloud OCI was available in a single region with services including compute, storage, and networking. However, in the last six years, Oracle has expanded this list to more than 70 services in 30+ countries. Apart from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure data integration, Oracle has been offering a new range of cloud applications that can benefit any function across any industry vertical. 

Reasons To Choose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Peak Performance

Oracle had the vision to be better than the competition and OCI was designed to achieve that goal. OCI, with the help of a flat network design, is able to offer peak performance due to fewer jumps between Compute and Storage. It can be credited to the fact that OCI was built for applications that demanded significant peak performance, day after day. According to a research statistic from Gartner, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offered a 2 to 5 times advantage when compared with Amazon Web Services. Isn’t this a powerful reason to switch to OCI? 

Better performance benefits allow businesses to reduce the turnaround time for their users and positively impacts business productivity. For instance, business processes that used to take more than three hours for an organization, can now be achieved in less than ten minutes, thanks to OCI. 

Cost-Efficient Option

One of the main goals of any cloud service provider is to provide enhanced performance while reducing the cost. All cloud providers manage to reduce the operational costs compared to its on-premise counterpart. However, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is one step ahead of its competitors like AWS or Azure. The reason being, OCI manages to reduce the operational expenses by up to 50 percent. 

As a business, when you are looking to switch from on-premise to the cloud, there is a concern regarding the technology investment that has been incurred. However, there is a ray of hope for everyone wanting to make this switch. OCI has been developed in a way that it can make use of your existing technology and build on that. 

Flexible generous compute pricing means you pay for instances that you need. Moreover, database storage can help you save more than 90% of the cost compared to the competitors. As you reduce the operational costs significantly along with cost cutting in hardware and maintenance, it is considerably easy to scale your business. 


A major reason to choose OCI is the inherent ability to scale compute and storage as per business requirements. It is a known fact that every business has the plans to grow and scale with time to leverage opportunities in the market. With OCI, it is possible to scale up or down when required by adding or removing virtual servers to manage new business applications or data capacity. At the same time, you would be  paying only for the resources that you use. Due to this reason, switching to OCI can definitely cut down operational costs.

OCI comes with an Autoscaling function which can be used to automatically change the total number of lifecycle states in an instance pool. For better user experience, it is necessary to maintain the peak performance that we have mentioned in the first reason during a high demand phase. On the other hand, you don’t need to spend more as the demand will be reduced to a great extent. There are two types of Autoscaling options available (metric-based and schedule based autoscaling). The Autoscaling function can certainly allow you to scale without the added pressure of increased operational costs. 

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Every business is concerned about the security of their applications, networks, and data. Millions of dollars are collectively spent each year by businesses to ensure that a security breach wouldn’t tarnish the hard work and image of an organization. In the last decade or so, national governments have increased their compliance on data breaches which are to be followed strictly by all organizations. It is a win-win for organizations as well as the governments because both are answerable to the users and the general public. 

If you opt for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, as a business you can be rest assured about the security. OCI has a long list of security features including but not limited to firewalls, authentication methods, data encryption and more as it was designed to be more secure than other Cloud service providers. 

Have you heard about the term “zero-trust architecture”? OCI uses a zero-trust architecture which means there is a distinction between different users and a distinction between users and Oracle. Moreover, there is a comprehensive code security development and deployment process which is responsible for the security checks in different services and countries around the world. As we have mentioned above, Oracle also works closely with governments around the world and takes care of compliance standards like SOC, ISO, GDPR (European Union) and more. It is due to this reason that we strongly believe that OCI is more reliable and secure than other on-premise and Cloud options. 

OCI Is Future Proof

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a highly sustainable cloud option which is designed for the future. Oracle does a commendable job to constantly innovate and provide better options for businesses. OCI is a cloud solution that can uplift your organization by shifting your workloads to an innovative platform in the cloud. 

We have to agree that OCI is not the only cloud solution in the world. However, the features and advantages that we have discussed in this article helps it gain a competitive advantage. By investing in OCI, you can get a custom solution based on your business requirements. This is very different from other cloud solution providers which have basic subscription models. As a business, you might need some services and would want to let go others. OCI provides an option for you to just pay for the services that you need. The Oracle Team has also maintained a consistent opinion about how Oracle Cloud is at least twenty years ahead than AWS. Ultimately, as a customer, it is for you to decide but we clearly recommend the forward thinking of Oracle. 

Final Thoughts

As we have clearly mentioned the possible reasons why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a good choice for your business, we hope you can make an informed decision. OCI provides peak performance, it is highly scalable and does everything at a reduced cost compared to other cloud service providers. Ultimately, it is possible to be secured from any potential data breaches which can severely affect your organization. OCI is the path to the future and we at Conneqtion Group can help you take advantage of the OCI platform. Get in touch with us today to know more. 


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