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How To Configure Custom Endpoint of any Oracle VBCS application?

Shobhit Taliyan - January 2, 2023 - 0 comments - 190 Views

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Do you want to change or shorten the URL of your Oracle VBCS (Visual Builder Cloud Service) application before you publish it to your end customers? Or, do you have a requirement to change your OIC (Oracle Integration Cloud) instance URL? If yes, then please follow below steps or you can reach out to us on

We will share our experience where we had such requirement of changing the URL of one of our own HRMS product Scale built on Oracle VBCS.

In this blog, we will discuss how to do this in 7 easy steps. Let’s begin.

Step 1: Choose a custom hostname for the instance and register it as a DNS provider. Our DNS provider was Hostinger so we created a subdomain via Hostinger Website.


Step 2: Obtain an SSL certificate from the certificate authority (CA) for your hostname.

Step 3: Login to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure account. In the OCI tenancy, select the root compartment and create a vault to store the certificate.

Step 4: Create the master encryption key and store the certificate as a secret.

Step 5: Create an Identity and Access Management (IAM) policy to Allow the integration service to read the version and contents of the secret and Allow the admin group to access the secret (or create a new secret), while creating or updating an Oracle Integration instance with a custom endpoint.

Step 6:Edit an existing Oracle Integration instance : oicdev and map a custom endpoint to it.

Step 7:Finally, update the custom endpoint DNS record to the original instance hostname.

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Shobhit Taliyan
Shobhit Taliyan is a graduate of Computer science and Engineering. He has a professional certification in Java full-stack development. He is working as an Oracle consultant at Conneqtion Group. Shobhit has good knowledge of OCI, OIC, VBCS,PL/SQL and Oracle Fusion.

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