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Top 15 Reasons Why You Should Choose Oracle Cloud

Karan Tulsani - December 10, 2021

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Oracle Integration Cloud service is the market-leading cloud service. It offers customers a comprehensive, secure and reliable software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution that enables them to rapidly innovate and grow their business. The Oracle cloud solution is much more intuitive and agile than the conventional on-premise deployment model, so you can focus on your business and not get bogged down in server management. In this blog we will discuss the key reasons why choose Oracle Cloud.

Let us check some of the most interesting reasons why businesses opt for Oracle Cloud in 2022:

1. Achieve Speed, Agility, and Innovation through On-Demand Deployment 

Oracle Integration Cloud service has the performance, scalability, reliability and security to handle your most demanding applications with ease. You can deploy your applications in minutes with no need to manage hardware or software. You simply pay for what you use when you use it — so there are no upfront capital expenses or ongoing maintenance costs. You benefit from increased efficiency, reduced costs, greater agility, and on-demand scalability. Oracle’s public cloud is built using industry best practices for security and compliance with Oracle’s enterprise standards. Your data is protected by multiple levels of physical, network and application security controls, including a single sign.

2. Oracle Cloud is a growing platform



In the last five years, we have witnessed a staggering rise in the demand of Oracle Cloud. Currently, AWS is the market leader in the Cloud segment, but Oracle has managed to step up convincingly. The data from NASDAQ reveals that a rising number of companies shifting to the Oracle Cloud has fueled Oracle’s phenomenal growth. A major percentage of Oracle’s revenue comes from the Cloud solutions and hence it is best to go with Oracle platform over AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. 

3. OCI Services




Oracle has developed a full range of cloud-native services, including DevOps tooling, monitoring, streaming, and services like Terraform to manage infrastructure as Code. The Cloud platform offers services like a registry to manage docker containers. Some of the major services are Kubernetes for container clusters, Edge services including DNS, web application firewall, and dedicated network connectivity along with fast connect. These services make sure that the users get a fail-safe app development environment.

4. Oracle Global Footprint



Compared to AWS or Microsoft’s cloud platforms,  it is still a recent development and is present in more than thirty countries. Due to the ever evolving technological industry, Oracle has tried to match up by offering more features around privacy and security. Businesses can get access to Oracle Cloud Services migrate their workloads from on premise to the Cloud.

5. Virtual Layer




The only Cloud provider which offers an Oracle database on Rack and Exadata is the Oracle Cloud which supports in excess of millions of transactions per second. With the help of this, users can get access to applications devoid of any latency and surprisingly zero downtime. 

6. Optimize Performance

IaaS provides a wide range of features that are second to none, which is a major advantage for businesses opting for Oracle Cloud. There are some amazing business critical features to reduce latency, reduce downtime, privacy and security of data and more. 

7. Compartment Feature is MVP



Another important benefit with Oracle Cloud is the presence of the Compartment feature. Compartments are an excellent way to provide quick access and data security. Businesses have the option to limit the usage and allow only authorized personnel to access business critical data.

8. Extensive App Development Support

It is exciting news for Oracle users and developers that there is ample support for Application development and there is a strong community of online users too. Oracle offers an intuitive low-code app development framework in the form of Oracle APEX for design, development and seamless deployment of business applications. This helps in reducing the dependency on full stack developers so it is possible to reduce overhead costs.

9. Created for Oracle Overload

The Oracle Cloud infrastructure provides some interesting features and tools to support migration and run Oracle’s databases and applications portfolio seamlessly. It doesn’t require a lot of changes to move Oracle applications, cutting down the cost and length of migration to the cloud. Oracle’s number one priority is to provide cutting edge hardware and software, enhancing performance for customers with time. 

10. Security is Crucial

One of the most essential part of OCI is the importance given to security and privacy in terms of data collection, storage of data, data management, mitigating cyber threats and more. By doing so, Oracle ensures that your data is safe from any impending threats as there is no access to third party or unauthorized users. As a result, it is possible to prevent any kind of security concern related to the business critical data stored in the Cloud.

Oracle cloud comes with multiple layers of protection in the form of encryption and firewall. Users can easily use adaptive authentication to quickly add further verification when user activity indicates a greater vulnerability of risk. In the end, Oracle has one of the vast portfolios of security services available in the industry and hence businesses opt for Oracle Integration Cloud migration. 

11. SMB Growth Support

Oracle has developed a strong platform to enable exciting features for all types of businesses including small and medium sized businesses. This is because, enterprises have access to more capital and ample resources and hence small and medium sized businesses need external support which is provided by Oracle.

12. Better Than AWS

It is interesting to note that Oracle Cloud is one step ahead of AWS in many instances as you can get access to high-quality performance at low cost. Most Enterprises have started opting for Oracle Cloud platform due to this reason and have been witnessing some amazing results in terms of improved performance and savings.

13. Supports Your Long Term Vision

OCI reflects a completely new, second-generation public-cloud architecture that works as a foundation for Oracle Cloud. This infrastructure is strategically built to offer the performance predictability, secure by design security, and governance needed to support crucial performance-critical workloads. The Oracle Cloud offers the compute, storage, networking, database, and platform services you will require to deliver robust business results as your data centre needs evolve simultaneously.

14. Maximum Performance at Decent Price

With OCI, you can get access to excellent infrastructure in the industry. Due to the availability of workloads, OCI requires only a few compute servers and storage containers. As a result, businesses can reduce the costing efficiently and enhance their business performance.

If you do not have the resources or a qualified team to handle the platform, it is best to take help from a certified Oracle PaaS solutions provider to avail all types of cloud related services at a cost-effective rate.

15. Strategic Partnership with Global Leaders

Oracle has recently announced a strategic alliance with Microsoft to allow enterprises specially for any cloud migration related activities. For example, the Azure platform from Microsoft allows users to migrate their on-premise workloads to the Cloud, design and develop custom applications and more. 

Final Word

In the above post, it is clear that Oracle has evolved a lot in the last few years compared to other competitors and has started gaining the trust and credibility of a wide user base. Moreover, Oracle has also kept up the pace of innovating new features and tried to meet the growing business demands. So, it is the best choice to go for Oracle Cloud when you are looking for premium performance at a non-premium price. What do you think about the Oracle Cloud? If you are looking for Oracle Integration Cloud migration assistance then get in touch with Conneqtion Group to request a demo.  Share your thoughts around Oracle PaaS solutions in the comments section or write to us at [email protected]

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Karan Tulsani has an extensive experience with various Banking and financial services, FMCG, Supply chain management & public sector clients. He has also led/been part of teams in multitude of consulting engagements. He was part of Evosys and Oracle’s consulting team previously and worked for clients in NA, EMEA & APAC region.

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Karan Tulsani

Karan Tulsani has an extensive experience with various Banking and financial services, FMCG, Supply chain management & public sector clients. He has also led/been part of teams in multitude of consulting engagements. He was part of Evosys and Oracle's consulting team previously and worked for clients in NA, EMEA & APAC region.

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