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Seamless Customization of Oracle Cloud Apps with Visual Builder Studio’s New App UI

Vancy Arokia - June 6, 2024

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, the ability to tailor enterprise applications to meet specific organizational needs is crucial. The rapid evolution of technology and the dynamic nature of business operations demand solutions that are not only robust but also adaptable to unique requirements.

Oracle Cloud Apps Extensions provide a powerful solution to this challenge by allowing organizations to customize pre-built Oracle Cloud Applications seamlessly. This flexibility ensures that businesses can enhance their systems without compromising on the core capabilities of Oracle’s applications.

With Oracle Cloud Apps Extensions, custom features can be developed to address specific needs, whether they involve minor changes in the application’s user interface or the introduction of entirely new functionalities. This might include adding fresh pages, integrating additional resources, or modifying existing workflows to better align with business processes.

By leveraging these extensions, organizations can improve user experience, boost productivity, and maintain a competitive edge. The ability to tailor applications precisely to fit operational demands not only enhances efficiency but also ensures that the technology remains a true enabler of business goals.

Building and Extending Oracle Cloud Apps with Visual Builder Studio

Visual Builder Studio (VB Studio) is your comprehensive solution for developing and customizing next-generation Oracle Cloud Applications. It provides a powerful platform equipped with built-in features specifically designed for configuring and extending these applications to meet your unique business needs. VB Studio allows developers to build, test, and deploy applications seamlessly, offering an intuitive interface and extensive capabilities that streamline the customization process. Its robust toolset enables you to tailor your applications precisely, ensuring they align perfectly with your organizational requirements.

One of the key advantages of VB Studio is that every Oracle Cloud Apps subscription includes a free VB Studio instance. This valuable inclusion allows you to modify your applications without incurring additional costs, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes. Initially, this free instance was limited to basic VB-based module configurations, such as hiding fields or adding simple calculations. However, the functionality of VB Studio has significantly expanded, now empowering developers to create more complex customizations and develop entirely new features. Whether you need to adjust the user interface, integrate additional resources, or build new modules from scratch, VB Studio provides the flexibility and power needed to optimize your Oracle Cloud Applications effectively.

Oracle Introducing App UI – A New Way to Extend Oracle Cloud Apps

The latest update, version 2207, introduces a revolutionary App UI within Visual Builder Studio. This enhanced architecture allows you to develop entirely new pages and applications that seamlessly integrate with your Oracle SaaS data. These custom pages and apps run directly on your existing Oracle SaaS infrastructure, eliminating the need for separate systems or complex integrations. In essence, VB Studio with App UI provides the flexibility to build custom functionalities and user interfaces tailored to your organization’s unique workflow.

Additionally, this update removes the requirement for a separate Visual Builder runtime service or an IDCS instance configured for Single Sign-On (SSO) for these extensions. This simplification significantly streamlines the development process and lowers the barrier for Oracle Cloud Apps users who wish to create extensions. By removing these complexities, Oracle has made it easier than ever to enhance your Oracle SaaS applications with bespoke features, ultimately fostering greater efficiency and alignment with your specific business needs. This update is a game-changer, enabling organizations to achieve more with less effort and technical overhead.

App UI extends beyond creating new pages

  • Built-in and Custom Objects: With Visual Builder Studio, you can seamlessly interact with both standard Oracle SaaS objects and any custom objects you have created. This means you can easily access and manipulate predefined data structures provided by Oracle SaaS, as well as any custom data models you have designed to fit your specific business requirements. This integration capability ensures that your custom applications can fully leverage the existing data within your Oracle SaaS environment, providing a cohesive and efficient user experience.

  • External Data Access: App UI in Visual Builder Studio also facilitates the integration of external data sources, expanding the versatility of your applications. You can connect to external systems through REST services, enabling your applications to fetch and interact with data beyond the Oracle SaaS environment.

Use Case Considerations

While App UI offers a streamlined approach for developing custom pages and applications within your Oracle SaaS environment, there are scenarios where more advanced configurations are necessary. For instance, if your use case requires accessing external REST services that require authentication, the standard App UI may not be sufficient. In such cases, you can leverage the full power of Visual Builder Studio by setting up a separate Visual Builder runtime instance. This approach allows you to configure your VB Studio development environment to host applications that require authenticated access to external systems.

By doing so, you maintain the flexibility to integrate securely with various external data sources and services, ensuring that your applications can meet complex business requirements. This additional capability is particularly valuable for organizations needing to extend their Oracle SaaS applications’ functionality without compromising on security or performance. It ensures that even the most demanding integration needs can be met, while still benefiting from the robust development and customization features provided by Visual Builder Studio. This approach not only enhances the versatility of your solutions but also ensures that your applications are both powerful and secure.

Here, there’s a limitation that we can only customize limited standard fusion screen which Oracle has enabled for the Redwood customizations.


In summary, Oracle Cloud Apps Extensions with Visual Builder Studio offer a flexible, integrated, and simplified method for customizing Oracle Cloud Applications. The introduction of App UI enhances this capability, providing unparalleled ease and power for extending enterprise applications to meet unique business requirements. With App UI, users can create custom pages and functionalities that seamlessly interact with existing Oracle SaaS data, all within the same infrastructure. This eliminates the need for separate systems or complex integrations, making it easier than ever to tailor Oracle Cloud Applications to your organization’s specific needs, thus driving greater efficiency and innovation.

Vancy Arokia

An accomplished SEO specialist who has a passion for optimising digital landscapes. With over 4+ years of experience. She has worked on successful B2B and B2C projects. She holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science. She believes that SEO is the key to unlocking the business potential.

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Vancy Arokia
An accomplished SEO specialist who has a passion for optimising digital landscapes. With over 4+ years of experience. She has worked on successful B2B and B2C projects. She holds a bachelor's degree in computer science. She believes that SEO is the key to unlocking the business potential.

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