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Oracle Integration Cloud – 5 Key Features You Must Know

Dhruvil Pandya - July 1, 2022 - 0 comments - 84 Views

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What is Oracle Integration Cloud?

Check how Oracle Integration Cloud functions:

Oracle Integration Cloud Key Features

How To Configure OIC In 4 Simple Steps?

Organizations in today’s competitive world face an overwhelming task on managing tens or hundreds of software. Now, it is difficult to stay updated with each and every software or technological advancement. Difficulties emerge when you are looking to combine all these factors together, as integration solutions are majorly complex, take time and can be expensive.

This happens due to the IT team’s short-term struggles to manage current technology along with looking after the organizational databases. Moreover, there are some long-term issues, like the requirement to continually adapt to changes in the integration solution, implement testing, and roll-out updates. Depending on the number of integrations, the entire process can be complex and tricky, which will incur a considerable cost.

Oracle Integration Cloud manages to minimize these issues by offering a platform that can build integrations between your technology, apps, and processes, without having to oversee your databases, connections, and infrastructure. Hence, your business can focus on growth, instead of focusing on troubleshooting.

What is Oracle Integration Cloud?

Oracle Integration Cloud or commonly known as OIC is a dedicated integration product by Oracle that connects your systems and applications with third-party enterprise software and various cloud-based programs. It manages to do so in real-time and leverages industry-leading security to provide business safety at all times. As an advantage, it doesn’t require much coding experience to set up, monitor and maintain cloud integration. Oracle Integration Cloud offers your business unparalleled levels of sync which can significantly enhance your business productivity.

OIC is a smart way to connect two Cloud applications or any existing on-site application with a Cloud application. There are many ways to do this, for example Dell Boomi has a separate method for integrations. Similar to that, OIC is an amalgamation of various functions revolving around application development and integration in the cloud.

OIC can be looked at as a single platform that provides integration, analytics and development functionalities. Due to this, it gets easier for the IT team to develop user-intuitive applications and integrate them seamlessly on the Cloud. It has enabled enterprises to grow digitally and reach the next level.

Check how Oracle Integration Cloud functions:


Before OIC, there was an inherent need of a platform to build connections. Oracle identified the gap in the industry and was quick to come up with Oracle Integration Cloud which has transformed the face of the industry. Through Oracle Integration Cloud, businesses can leverage adapters for data exchange. These two points are referred as end points in OIC jargon.

In other words, OIC is a connecting bridge between two end points (the source and the destination). So, with the help of OIC, data can be mapped and connected to different end points. Now, how does this happen? OIC reads, maps and transfers data from one object to another with the help of Connection Adapters (data exchange between the source and the destination).  

Oracle Integration Cloud Key Features

OIC key features


It is great to know that OIC has a vast number of solutions and key offerings. Some of these are as under:

Ease of Integration

Using OIC, you can get the desired information needed for integration without any extensive coding or technical configuration. Apart from that, you can get the benefit of user friendly dashboards which is quick and easy to use and offers a detailed overview of the organization.

Exploring Automation

With the help of Automation, you can easily transform your business digitally. OIC helps your teams and customers to access and the use the services remotely from any device. It is an amazing way to ensure efficient customer satisfaction.

Intuitive Design

Do you have troubles creating and hosting applications with intuitive design? Using OIC, it is easy to develop visually appealing applications right from your device. Take your creativity to another level with intuitive design elements from OIC.

Integrating Applications

As discussed above, adapters are used to connect two or more applications. With OIC, you can get access to a number of adapters to connect two cloud applications or a cloud application with an on-premise application. Oracle provides dedicated support for these integrations and ensure seamless delivery.

How To Configure OIC In 4 Simple Steps?

Step 1: Go to the navigation bar which has a drop-down menu. There is a button “Application Integration” when you click on Developer services. Click on Integration to get the integration started.



Step 2: After Step 1, the next step of integration is to create an instance. 


Step 3: Mention the details suggested by prompts and confirm the selections, finally click on Create.


Step 4: Wait till the end of provisioning. After the provisioning is completed, it is important to cross check the details. 


Final Thoughts

When it comes to hosting, integration and automation, OIC is regarded as one of the top most players in the industry by IT professionals. It is safe to say that OIC is a sole Oracle cloud solution in the market that comes with all major integration features. None of the other products even come close to Oracle Integration Cloud in this aspect.

We hope we have done justice to the topic and have ensured that you get an overview of OIC and how you can easily configure OIC with custom options in 4 easy steps. If you need further assistance with OIC or would like to know more about the services that we offer, connect with us at Conneqtion Consulting Pvt Ltd. Do share your thoughts on this blog in the comments section or write to us at if there is any issue or concern.

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