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Conneqtion Group helps customers stay digitally innovative with Oracle Cloud

Business challenges

Conneqtion Group provides application integration, modernization, and automation services—helping businesses around the world stay ahead of the digital transformation curve. The company also specializes in helping customers build reusable integrations and adapters to improve business processes.

Conneqtion Group realized that many businesses wanted to boost efficiencies and lower costs by migrating critical on-premises legacy subsystems and applications to the public cloud. However, most of these businesses lacked the skill sets and time to fully exploit the capabilities of a new platform.

It looked to help companies overcome issues migrating key applications like enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), and customer relationship management (CRM) systems to the public cloud. The company also wanted to develop cloud native applications that customers could integrate with their own cloud platforms to improve areas like talent management and administration workflows.

Why Conneqtion Group chose Oracle

The group specializes in Oracle development, Oracle cloud implementation, and Oracle systems such as Oracle E-Business Suite. The company saw that customers were hesitant about migrating Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) out of fear of losing their EBS customizations. Conneqtion Group recognized that it could use the integration and PaaS capabilities in OCI to help customers boost automation and integrate emerging technologies into their operations.


Since implementing OCI Integration Services and Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Studio, Conneqtion Group helped businesses save well over $1 million by migrating EBS to OCI. The company expects this figure to continue to grow as it uses the PaaS capabilities of OCI to develop more value-added applications for businesses.

Conneqtion Group also created its cloud platform Scale, which companies can use as a recruitment management system. The fully customizable platform has a VBCS-built front end and a highly scalable Oracle Autonomous Database on the back, with OCI Integration Services supporting integrations with legacy subsystems.

Scale can identify the top 5% of candidates for any open position, helping businesses reduce the time to fill vacancies. Customers are also integrating Scale with legacy human resources systems to create an end-to-end human capital management system.

One Conneqtion Group customer has saved significant resources by migrating EBS to OCI, cutting $100,000 a month from its IT bill by running EBS on OCI. The customer has also automated 60% of infrastructure management, freeing up more time for IT staff to focus on innovation.

Conneqtion Group has used OCI and Oracle VBCS to build a dashboard that shows businesses how many cloud-server instances they are using and how much each one costs at any given time. With this kind of insight, one company is fine tuning instance usage, especially on weekends when workloads fall, and is maximizing utilization.

With around 90% of code for migrating EBS to the cloud reusable, it takes just weeks instead of months for a company to feel the benefits of a migration. Conneqtion Group is also using its expertise to help customers improve workflows on key processes like monthly reconciliations. As a result, one customer was able to generate reconciliations days faster than before and significantly improve organizational management.

The original source of this article is from Oracle.

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Karan Tulsani has an extensive experience with various Banking and financial services, FMCG, Supply chain management & public sector clients. He has also led/been part of teams in multitude of consulting engagements. He was part of Evosys and Oracle's consulting team previously and worked for clients in NA, EMEA & APAC region.

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