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Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Chose Oracle HCM Cloud in 2022

Roshan - May 11, 2022 - 0 comments - 70 Views

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In 2022, technology is evolving and disrupting conventional businesses across every industry vertical around the world. Starting from retail to banking and healthcare – businesses are reconsidering their entire business models, operational strategies, and even the technology they use to have a competitive advantage in the market. Same is the case with Human Resources (HR). As per a recent study conducted by PwC, 72% of businesses already have core HR applications in the cloud or are shifting to the cloud as we speak. 

Diligent business leaders are depending on the cloud to be future ready. In this blog, we are going to take a look at the top 10 reasons why businesses are choosing Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management. 

Custom and Contemporary User Experience

Businesses have always grappled with low user adoption. What do you think is the reason? When Cloud 1.0 vendors came up with exciting mobile applications and an enhanced user-interface though complex workflows, data quality, and poor integration still managed to be barriers to high adoption rates. This is when Oracle took another path and launched a suite of Cloud 2.0 applications developed on the preface of simplicity and intelligence. The power to meet your brand and business’ culture in an enchanting and intuitive online and mobile experience is the beginning.

It is easy to customize the Oracle Cloud HCM interface to meet your existing working style with a home space created to make you productive throughout the day. Moreover, Oracle being the advanced Cloud vendor took enough interest in your actions and customized roles. 

Highly Adaptable

The business scenario is changing rapidly after the COVID crisis. It would be a great help when you have flexible, updated and easy to configure depending on your requirements like reorganization, mergers & acquisitions, or regulatory compliance changes. Most Oracle customers are on the same page regarding this issue. 

According to businesses, HCM offers a convenient solution to manage rapidly evolving business landscape and more. It is easy to configure the organizational chart, model the workforce with compensation data, and set up processes without `the requirement of an IT team. Embedded analytics offers a custom dashboard with all the necessary information required to make successful decisions for the business. Moreover, businesses are using Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS) to broaden the system to meet the unique business requirements. 

Smart Applications

One of the most critical things that separates Oracle from other cloud vendors is that Oracle is developing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications on their own cloud platform and infrastructure. The trio of Artificial Intelligence (AI), analytics, and digital assistants allow the teams to work smarter and more efficiently. 

Oracle Cloud HCM merges data to manage your resources seamlessly. For instance, it is easier to understand which employees are about to leave the organization and provide an opportunity to retain them at any cost. It also offers easy to use dashboards with data around HR, Finance, sales, and marketing so it is easy to manage the human cost at your business.

End-to-End HCM Cloud

Businesses looking to manage their end-to-end employee lifecycle choose Oracle Cloud HCM as it is developed as a single cloud solution for Human Resources, learning, work life, talent management, help desk, payroll, workplace health and safety and more. Moreover, it helps link your business with apps around HR, sales and marketing as well. As a business, Oracle HCM cloud manages all facets of HR and talent acquisition for the future candidates, employees, managers and also standby employees. 

Innovation Personified

Innovation is the greatest advantage of shifting your existing on-premise systems to the cloud. It is because Oracle offers innovative features frequently. Around 80% of the product updates rely on customer feedback, close to 10,000 innovative updates are implemented every year. It is everything that your business could wish for. Most businesses love using the Oracle HCM cloud platform as they can develop and work on innovative technologies including artificial intelligence, digital assistants, and the Internet of Things. It is interesting to note that Oracle spends north of $6 billion annually in the research and development to bring innovation to your workforce.

Creating Value

For a business, creating value is the most critical aspect for growth and sustainability irrespective of your business size or  industry vertical. Hence, most successful businesses try to utilize the power of Oracle HCM cloud application to increase their business value with the help of excellent user engagement and adoption, seamless business processes, enhanced productivity, and reduced expenses. 

Some of the notable instances include: a major financial services provider reduced costs by 50%, a consulting firm improved employee engagement by 60% and reduced the cost on HR by 30%, a manufacturer saw a triple improvement in user engagement and adoption, and a healthcare services provider saved thousands of man hours per year by HCM cloud adoption. It is evident that these results are enough for your business to leverage the power of Oracle HCM cloud irrespective of your industry and you can be a Startup, SME or Enterprise. 

Data Security & Privacy

When you migrate, it is certain that you are highly concerned about the safety revolving around your data. This is where Oracle comes in as Security is a non-negotiable priority for Oracle Cloud solutions. There is a powerful security culture which drives Oracle to offer products that have been utilized for highly critical government, and enterprise applications around the world. 

When you invest in HCM, your business unlocks the power of multi-factor authentication and the best-in-class data centers. Additionally, you can protect your employee data with Oracle Advanced HCM controls along with the ability to identify security access issues. By investing in the Oracle HCM platform, you can get guaranteed security, robust and scalable performance along with the best possible security.

Dynamic Customers

The customers often connects online and in-person to share their experience and get ahead in the HR careers. There are hundreds of events including Oracle MBX, Oracle HCM Users Group, live events and webinars. There are loads of opportunities to network and learn from experienced professionals. 

Customer Success is Key

Do you feel that you are alone when migrating to the Cloud? Absolutely, no. If you choose Oracle Cloud HCM, you get the support of Oracle and they make sure you receive the support that is needed. It is an advantage that they take enough time and effort to identify your business, the challenges you face regularly, your goals and long-term business objectives and then offer the right solution. 

If you are a new user, it is best to leverage the online help and training along with success implementation and planning tools. Additionally, there is a round the clock customer service available for help so it is easy to get help when needed and maximize your business ROI using Oracle HCM Cloud.

Global Competence

More often than not, businesses today work on both the local and global level and hence it is critical to have a balance between both. The Oracle Cloud HCM is specifically developed to meet the unique business requirements for more than 200+ jurisdictions in about 20+ languages. Due to this, organizations are equipped to add value and scale their business. 


As you have seen above, the above reasons demonstrate how Oracle has the right tools to revolutionize your business with Oracle Cloud HCM. If you are looking for an end-to-end solution that is cost-efficient then the Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud is your ideal choice as it is extremely user-friendly and can seamlessly integrate with your system. Do you need any help integrating Oracle Cloud HCM with your existing system? If yes, then get in touch with us today and let us walk you through the integration part so that you can take care of your day-to-day operations. Conneqtion Group is India’s 1st Oracle PaaS Partners and we can help you integrate any Oracle Product with your system based on your unique business requirements. 


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Roshan comes with an extensive experience in the Oracle Implementation domain after completing his Electronics and Communication Engineering from Bengaluru. He holds a plethora of professional certifications from Oracle after starting as an Associate Developer role and quickly made his way to a Senior Manager. He has worked with clients across the globe in ANZ, EMEA, APAC and Europe. At Conneqtion Group, Roshan has been a key part of managing the organization’s largest risk teams apart from sharing his experience and skills to develop and nurture young talent with his dynamic vision.   

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