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Training & Certification

Organizations have started focusing on OCI for their mission-critical workloads due to the seamless ability to run any cloud workload with rapid migration, at a low cost to operate on a secure and global platform. Due to the evolving need of OCI customer adoption, organizations can benefit from investing in programs that offer support to their teams and enhance access to crucial, hands-on cloud skills to get the most out of the Oracle Cloud platform.

Conneqtion Group’s Oracle Training and certification services allows you to get essential cloud expertise that can be utilized in any industry. Our training and certification service is aimed at offering a helping hand to expand your IT talent pool and make it easier for organizations to develop the skilled consultants they need to flourish and innovate taking their business to greater heights.

How you can benefit from our Training & Certification services:
  • Can be accessed by your team anytime and anywhere.
  • Practice in a live environment and get hands-on experience.
  • A holistic Oracle certification assistance starting from course preparation, practice assignments to testing and credentials.
  • Training conducted by certified Oracle experts with 8+ years of experience covering the best Oracle practices and offering custom feedback.
  • Helps retain acquired knowledge of your team for a longer duration.
  • Provide a chance to your team to be more valuable to your organization.
  • Career growth and professional credibility by learning from the best in Oracle.