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Architecture Audit & Review

Knowing what to look for is critical. Knowing how to translate what to do is essential.

It is imperative for enterprises to continually identify risks, assess quality attributes of their IT processes and architecture, reduce costs, uncover conflicts, and improve results. We work closely with our clients to assess enterprise architecture and help develop an effective technology strategy and roadmap that not only supports their business efficiently but grows effectively.

Our IT Architecture Review & Audit expertise helps our clients to conform their IT ecosystem to industry standards while aligning with their business objectives. We enable our clients to implement best practices to minimize future risks and ensure desired outcomes as expected from their IT systems.

PaaS Deployment

Embracing cloud solutions is not just about reducing your infrastructure footprint. It’s about transforming organizational service delivery and driving efficiency at an unprecedented scale.

By adopting Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), enterprises redefine their digital experience in successfully meeting dynamic business needs and ensuring predictability in costs and savings. Businesses look at rapidly building and deploying robust ‘cloud-first’ applications and extending the existing on-premise or SaaS environments. While the business and technological benefits of deploying PaaS for an organization are quite evident, the adoption of PaaS requires a better understanding of the craft and an innovative way of thinking. Our PaaS implementation experts help you find the right answers to which platform to select, how to operate your services or automate your processes, and how to ensure a smooth transition while realizing the benefits.

We offer a full spectrum of PaaS deployment services, from configuration to operations and management, reporting, and analytics across the leading PaaS player – Oracle.

Enterprise Integrations

Business growth and agility require seamless interoperability and interconnectivity in the existing environment of legacy subsystems and the new-age mobile and SaaS platforms.

Enterprises are increasingly looking to enhance their operations, offer better services or products, and adapt quickly to market changes. However, rapid growth and ever-changing business environments have led to the proliferation of rigid, complex, and unstable systems. Hence, API, EDI or file-based enterprise integration across internal and external ecosystems of an organization and its partners plays a pivotal role in redefining the value derived from its digital supply or service chain.

With our Enterprise Integration Services, we help our clients to improve operational efficiency, optimize their integration processes, consolidate their systems, and modernize their existing integration approaches across their extensive network of partners, applications, suppliers, customers, and marketplaces. Our experts help our clients better harness their IT stacks and help build seamless systems and applications integrations.

We enable enterprises to stitch an end-to-end digital fabric that allows real-time data sharing among disparate systems to achieve business transformation.

Our enterprise integration services include:

  • Integration strategy, design, and architecture
  • Microservices architecture & SOA
  • API strategy & management
  • DevOps & Deployment

Advisory Services

Today’s challenge is tomorrow’s opportunity. Right and relevant advice can help unlock the potential and drive the value of digital innovation.

Disruption is inevitable—no matter the industry, region, sector, product, or service. Organizations have no choice but to embrace digital to elevate their velocity to respond to dynamic business changes. Hence, it’s critical to choose the right digital strategy with the appropriate IT stack to help overcome complexities and react quickly to new opportunities. It makes prudent business sense to have a clear IT strategy with sound founding principles to help an organization make the right business decisions in a world of constant change.

Our experienced advisors work with our clients to determine their business challenges, processes, and objectives to develop scalable, reliable, and forward-looking approaches and a roadmap to business transformation. Our IT advisory practice is built on a bedrock of proven IT standards, training, and certification to enable skills and experience across most sectors to deliver value.

Our IT advisory services include:

  • IT strategy formulation
  • IT roadmap
  • Business process re-engineering
  • IT planning & management
  • Value-chain & technology assessment
  • Enterprise data management

Oracle Platform Solutions

With our Oracle platform solutions, we help enterprises redefine their digital experience in successfully meeting dynamic business needs and ensuring predictability in costs and savings.

  • Oracle Platform-as-a-Service

  • Oracle BI & Analytics

  • Oracle Infrastructure-as-a-Service

  • Oracle Fusion Applications

Our Products

Conneqtion Recipes

Ready-to-deploy solutions, built by experts to help you redefine your approach to digital transformation in your enterprise.


Integr8 helps our customers to host & run their enterprise integrations in managed environment, helping them to save significant cost on entire infrastructure and focus on their actual business.


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We have helped our clients develop and execute an effective technology strategy and roadmap that not only supports their business efficiently but grow effectively.

Expert Oracle consultants who believe in quality delivery and understands the cloud platform.

— Shiv Mohan

Senior Manager, Atom

Conneqtion Group is the dream team, qualified Oracle consultants under one roof.

— Stephen Brown

Manager, Penta Group

Conneqtion Group believes in great commitment and hard work, one of the best Oracle PaaS partners in India.

— Rahul Chavan

Founder, Maitra Tech LLC

The PaaS architecture advisory solution provided by Conneqtion Group was up to the mark, they have been always our “Go To” team.

— P.Mehta

Senior Practice Manager, Evosys

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