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Our Services

Conneqtion Group’s bespoke IT Consulting solutions are designed to leverage the evolving technology and innovation to enable businesses to enhance their competitive advantage and maximize their business and operational goals.

Our business consultants will allow you to capitalize on your technology investment. We have taken enough time and care to leverage their domain expertise, industry best practices, technology benchmarks, and product accelerators to ensure that our clients and partners can get optimal advantages at reduced costs and risk elements.

We offer a wide range of holistic solutions including Architecture Audit, Paas Deployment, Enterprise Integration, Advisory Services, Adapter Development & Managed Services.

Architecture Audit

On the back of years of industry experience and a myriad of successful projects, we know what it takes to design and develop robust, seamless and secure Cloud native applications. We have worked with clients and partners in some of the most security conscious industries like Banking, Manufacturing and Energy. Due to this extensive experience we are an ideal option to offer a complete assessment of your Cloud Architecture from a design and security point of view.

What we offer under the umbrella of Architecture Audit:
  • Detailed architecture design analysis and review by certified professionals.
  • Comprehensive analysis w.r.t design frameworks and Conneqtion Group’s criteria.
  • Run an operational excellence assessment and offer efficient and seamless monitoring and running of systems.
  • Security assessments conducted to offer data and system protection.
  • Robust review of Solution’s ability to recover from different disruptions.
  • Determine possibilities for enhanced cloud Performance Efficiency for evolving demand.
  • Identify and inform Cloud cost optimization and cost management avenues.
  • Detailed review of delivery approach along with recommendations and optimization.
  • Comprehensive analysis of delivery teams with cloud training plan.
  • Offer ongoing recommendations for tooling, alternate technologies, and methods to leverage solutions.

Paas Deployment

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is an exhaustive development and deployment environment in the cloud, with resources that allow you to deliver cloud-focused applications to integrated cloud-enabled enterprise apps. PaaS is built to support the full web app lifecycle including building, testing, deploying, managing and updating.

PaaS enables you to mitigate the cost and complication of purchasing and managing software licenses, application infrastructure and middleware, and other resources. We help you manage the applications and services and the cloud service provider takes care of everything else.

Some of the major benefits of PaaS Deployments with Conneqtion Group include:
  • Reduce coding time with the help of pre-coded app components like workflow, directory services, search and more.
  • Increase development capabilities without increasing staff.
  • Can easily develop for various platforms efficiently including mobile.
  • Affordability of sophisticated tools is a major advantage.
  • Helps you regulate and manage global development teams.
  • Easy maintenance of the application lifecycle like development, testing, deployment, manage and update in the same integrated environment.

Enterprise Integration

In this digital age, every business is expected to have the bandwidth and flexibility to respond quickly to evolving needs and to be updated with the pace of changing business requirements and increasing consumer demands. Hence, businesses are largely dependent on computerized information systems and hence multiple departments and divisions in large businesses have safely integrated different business apps, databases and BI infrastructure that don’t exchange data.

Enterprise integration is imperative for businesses to optimize their IT infrastructure and gain business flexibility while taking advantage of multiple sales and marketing channels and access to data from various devices, social media, and business apps.

How you can benefit from our Enterprise Integration solutions:
  • Increased customer loyalty.
  • Enhanced customer engagement.
  • Improved sales and conversion for your business.
  • Identify and predict customer interaction with your product.
  • Improved ROI.
  • Slashed operational costs.
  • Decreased bounce rates with impeccable insights during the design process.

Advisory Services

At Conneqtion Group, our extensive experience of working with Oracle allows us to create a successful negotiation strategy and communication approach that regulates Oracle’s natural process to get your desired results. We know that every relationship is unique and hence we focus on an agile method that allows us to build a strategy that enables us to meet your business requirements.

We take a comprehensive approach to the relationship around a number of issues and not just focus on initial cost reduction which can later incur major costs for your business. As your able advisor, our idea is to empower your business to strike a fair deal that benefits you and helps you strengthen your relationship with Oracle.

Take assistance of our Advisory Services and get a chance to experience the below advantages:
  • We help you reduce the total ownership cost.
  • Minimize any kind of hidden costs.
  • We help you strike a competitive deal.
  • We enable you to reduce compliance exposure.
  • Build a Senior level relationship with Oracle.
  • Adjust your software investment according to your requirements.
  • Allow your business to gain transparency and predictability.

Adapter Development

Conneqtion Group is India’s first Oracle PaaS partner and we offer a range of adapter development services to address the growing demand for cloud-native applications. The company has been delivering these services since its inception in 2020 and has grown its engineering team to a total of 50 professionals across different parts of India.

We have extensive experience with Oracle products and hence we are a key player when it comes to developing application adapters. In the last three years, we have developed adapters for multiple Oracle products including WebLogic Server 12c, Fusion Middleware 10g/11g/12c, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) 11g/12c, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) 11g/12c and Identity Management (IdM) 11g/12c.

  • We have inherent expertise in developing adapters for Oracle products like Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS).
  • We can develop adapters for new and existing systems along with custom-made ones tailored to meet your business requirements.
  • Technical assistance in the design, development, testing and maintenance of the adapters that we build for you.
  • A seamless integration between your application and the cloud.

Managed Services

Oracle’s enterprise management tools are deployed, integrated and seamlessly migrated, which are supported by Conneqtion Group. With our Managed Services, make your application maintenance easy, quick, and cost-efficient. We can manage your Oracle Cloud applications with the right implementation, the right Oracle Cloud support and drive business efficiency so your business can leverage the true essence of your Oracle Cloud investment.

At Conneqtion Group, we go above and beyond the standard Oracle support services by creating custom managed services for your business needs. Our Consultants have experience of more than 8 years working on Oracle Managed Services and help us provide an agile support model to elevate your business operations and enhance your business outcome.

Here’s how our Managed Services can elevate lift your business operations:
  • Integrate our managed services with your business requirements.
  • Help with cloud adoption along with process enhancements.
  • Improve your business efficiency.
  • Double your ROI from Oracle Cloud transformation solutions.
  • Easily help you monitor your true business value.
  • Enable you to make sense of your business data so you can make informed business decisions and increase your revenue.

Training & Certification

Organizations have started focusing on OCI for their mission-critical workloads due to the seamless ability to run any cloud workload with rapid migration, at a low cost to operate on a secure and global platform. Due to the evolving need of OCI customer adoption, organizations can benefit from investing in programs that offer support to their teams and enhance access to crucial, hands-on cloud skills to get the most out of the Oracle Cloud platform.

Conneqtion Group’s Oracle Training and certification services allows you to get essential cloud expertise that can be utilized in any industry. Our training and certification service is aimed at offering a helping hand to expand your IT talent pool and make it easier for organizations to develop the skilled consultants they need to flourish and innovate taking their business to greater heights.

How you can benefit from our Training & Certification services:
  • Can be accessed by your team anytime and anywhere.
  • Practice in a live environment and get hands-on experience.
  • A holistic Oracle certification assistance starting from course preparation, practice assignments to testing and credentials.
  • Training conducted by Oracle experts with 8+ years of experience covering the best Oracle practices and offering custom feedback.
  • Helps retain acquired knowledge of your team for a longer duration.
  • Provide a chance to your team to be more valuable to your organization.
  • Career growth and professional credibility by learning from the best in Oracle.