January 2022 - Conneqtion
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January 2022

What's Driving The Multicloud Revolution in 2022?

Source The hype around cloud computing can be traced back to 2011, when the...

Karan Tulsani January 27, 2022

Navigating the Cyber Security Landscape: The Fight Against Ransomware in 2022

Source A combination of existing attacks, such as phishing and social engineering, coupled with...

Karan Tulsani January 20, 2022

Data-as-A-Service (DaaS): The Data Innovation That's Here to Stay in 2022

Source Cloud-based technology is steadily being adopted by various companies. The total number of...

Karan Tulsani January 12, 2022

Oracle Cloud Platform: A Concise Overview of Oracle's Cloud Services

Oracle Cloud's services are ideal for businesses to boost their cloud presence by making...

Karan Tulsani January 5, 2022